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Sites Page Types

Creating Pages:
Each page in a Google Site must be in one of five different categories: Web Page, Dashboard, Announcement, File Cabinet or List.  

- Web Page: Standard Web like page, similar to Google Pages, with a WYSIWYG  editor. Page layout options include: one, two, or three columns; one column with sidebar(s); and any of the others with headers and/or footers

 - Dashboard:  Pages designed to insert several Google Gadgets.  This is helpful for student pages, where they can insert the most useful gadgets for their personal pages.  Savvy students or teachers can create their own Google Gadgets to add into their site (or iGoogle Page). Note, you can insert Gadgets into "Web Page" as well.

- Announcements:
  Announcement pages function much like a blog, where pages are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent announcement on top.  These pages can be used for news, homework, journal entries, or to document the progress on a group project.  You can also comment on each entry.

- File Cabinet: File Cabinet pages allow users to create their own online file cabinet. It is intended as a page allowing you to easily upload documents. It should be noted that you can upload documents as attachments to any page in your Google Site, unless the site owner has disabled that function.

- List Pages:  The name really doesn't tell everything a list page can do.  It really is a way to collect data from multiple users.  There are a few templates for specific types of lists, or you can create your own, using the following types of fields: Check Box, Date, Drop Down, Text  or URL.  List Pages are a nifty way to collect data and make it accessible to a group of  people.