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Sites Gear Icon

On the right side of your window new the top you'll see the "Gear Icon" button. By clicking this you can do some cool stuff
  • Page Actions
    • Revision History - You can see every revision back to page creation. You can revert to an earlier version whenever you want.
    • Subscribe to page changes - If you let others edit the page or site you might want to know when changes are made
    • Page Settings - This allows you to control settings for an individual page within your site. This allows you to remove/allow comments and attachments.
    • Move - Use this to move you page to a different point in the hierarchy of your site.
  • Site Actions
    • Manage Site and Site Layout - Here's where you have the real control of a site. You can change the overall page layout and color scheme. This is also where you set the sharing. The entire site will have the same sharing settings. It is currently not possible to change the sharing settings for individual pages within a site.
    • Sharing and Permissions - Here you can change the sharing permissions, this includes both viewing and editing rights. In GAFE you also have the ability to simply limit access (or editing) to anyone from your Domain.