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Google Drive

Google Drive used to be just for Microsoft Office like documents. Now it includes this as well as YouTube and Dropbox like functionality. 
  • File Storage - You can store and share any type of file in Google Drive
    • Personal Google Accounts share 15 GB of storage between Drive and Gmail
    • For Google Apps for Education accounts storage is unlimited (personally I've uploaded a couple hundred gigabytes to my drive).
  • Share Videos
    • Simply upload a video and it can be streamed from the internet
    • Videos can be kept private, shared with only members of your domain, or made public
  • Documents - Basic word processor
    • Write Collaboratively
    • Check out Tools-Research
    • Provide feedback during the writing process
    • Perfect for backchannel discussions
  • Sheets - Is it just a really weak version of Excel?
    • The Usual
      • Formulas
      • Graphing
    • Forms
      • Class Surveys
      • Pre-Assessment
      • Quizzes - Use Flubaroo to have quizzes graded automatically
  • Slides - Make PowerPoint like presentations
    • Create Collaboratively
    • Easily Share/Publish Presentations