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    • Tools vs. Pedagogy. Google tools allow for a different approach to doing things.
      • Why ask, "How do I incorporate technology into my teaching?" You would never ask, "How do I incorporate pencils and paper into my teaching?"
      • The tools are becoming easy and ubiquitous. They are transforming the way we go about life and they should be transforming the way we teach and learn.
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It's All About Collaboration

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    Learn Together and Share Your Story - #miched

    Other Cool Google Stuff to Keep an Eye on

    • Google Cardboard - VR is beginning to become big. This is a cheap way to check it out.
    • Google Photo - Archive and organize your photos. This can be a great way to free up space on your mobile device.
    • Google Takeout - Download an archive of your data. Might be useful for graduating seniors to do.

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